Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Boy Who Tries

Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Sometimes they're left unsaid as a sort of self preservation tactic. No matter what, the decision to say certain things can be a hard one and therefore when you finally say them and they don't play out like you want them to...it kind of sucks.

Well coming from a single guy surrounded by lovey dovey friends in relationships...yeah, it sucks. 

Attending a school as populated as Arizona State, you would think that finding someone you connect with would be easy. It's not. Yes you meet people and make new friends but finding someone you really connect with is hard. 

I guess that chapter of my life hasn't started yet...but when will it? For now...I'm just the boy who tries...without much success. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Public Behavior

I find it funny that the first post will be about something that annoys me...how people act in public. Let's just start with a simple question:

In what world is it alright to slap your girlfriend, pour a drink on her, and then punch a wall as you exit the room?

Correct answer: NONE. So you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Well last night while hanging out with some friends, we went to go watch Transformers 3 at midnight. Let me first inform you that the last time we went to a midnight movie (for The Hangover 2) we also had to deal with annoying people. Anyways, as we were sitting there, people were loud and obnoxious as usual but then there was a commotion to my right. When I turned to look, the guy proceeded with the acts said above...and the entire theatre was shocked. 

So after a while, he re-enters the theatre and is greeted with a plentiful amount of "boo"s. Now at this point I was just thinking, "What gave you the idea to come back?" Well it really didn't matter because the girl didn't really seem to care anymore and sat right next to him...and that's when I lost all sympathy for her.

In the end, we left the theatre and enjoyed a late dinner at Denny's with a creepy server who, at times, sounded like Quagmire from "Family Guy". Overall...I learned that some people should not be let out of the house until they've had a full analysis by a psychologist and they can act decently in public. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Dear reader,

My name is Martin. I'm just your normal kid living in Hell...well...Arizona but with the heat the names are interchangeable. I've created this blog mostly out of boredom but also for a place to just get out some of the things running through my mind at the time. 

I have really no intentions for this blog other than to have a place to write out my thoughts and feelings about certain topics that interest me such as movies, music, television, and occasionally some topics that really annoy me. 

Feel free to read and enter my mind...however chaotic it may be.